Embracing The Future Of Your Past

Zach 2 min read
Embracing The Future Of Your Past

My name is Zach, and I’m thrilled you’re here!

Welcome to exercises in thought and experiences of life through writing. This particular experience is meant to be interactive, not just me writing to you, or you listening to me; but with questions and challenges for you to answer in your own ways. And to join in with your own comments and reflections.

The human experience is, well, just that, an experience. Of feelings, emotions, events, ups, downs, and everything in between.  Everything in your life up to this very point of reading these words has been experienced through the lens of your own first-person point of view. Yes, you may have been with others for many moments along the journey, however, you are the only person that has been there for every moment of your life; and will also be for the rest of your life. Your mind is never more than a thought away, or a couple of inches either. It’s our best friend and worst enemy.  It can make reality seem distant, and things that don’t exist seem real.

We all enter the future at the same rate of time, which means we’re all experiencing the present moment at the exact same time. Once that moment is gone, it’s now the past. Your past consists of many moments that at one point were in the future. Of course, only looking back this is possible to see.

I’m a thinker. And I like to think and dream about the future, alot. But what I’ve realized is that I love to live in this imagined future. It’s an escape. It allows me to live in a place where no work has to be done to arrive there. It’s just; there, a mere thought away. It’s kind of like thinking about how you would spend the money if you won the lottery. It can be fun to think about for a short while, but it’s just an escape from today.

Living in an imagined future gives my brain candy to eat, so to speak, without the weight gain. But, I’m not gaining anything else either, as in actually getting closer to that future.

For that imagined future, any future, to become a reality, it takes action. Deliberate action.

It’s easy to find the latest studies on productivity hacks and trends, but here’s another way of thinking about this…

Think about looking at your past from the future’s perspective. Meaning, when you look back on your life, what will you have wished it was like? What will you have wanted your past to be?

When you look back on your life, what will you have wished it was like? What will you have wanted your past to be?

Your future is solely dependent on the actions you take today.
The present is all we ever have, but the present becomes the past, how do you want to remember it?

Thank you for reading/listening, and remember; you are loved and you are enough.

Music: Borrtex | CC BY-NC 3.0


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